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What is an online marketplace?

Marketplace is an online site where buying and selling products happen. Product is provided by multiple third parties (you), whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operater (in this case PIAZZ) and then delivered, invoiced and fulfilled by the participating Sellers (you). Also it is a place of great, more wide selection of products and availability is higher than in a vendor-specific online retail stores.

How can I speak to someone about selling on PIAZZ?

Let us know how can we help you, our team will be in touch within 1 working day. You can:

  • fulfill a form, where you can also request a phone call or write us a question
  • contact us by email:
How do I start selling?

You fulfill a form and we contact you and send you the link for registration of your shop.

Which products can I sell on PIAZZ?

You can sell in the best selling categories, assortment will be limited to existing categories but it will expand to new ones. We will also consider your proposals. Each time, when a new category will be added, all Sellers are notified so you can add new products right away.

How much does it cost to sell with PIAZZ?

The subscription costs € 39.90 + VAT per month, but is free-of-charge for you for the first month after your store opens. You also pay a commission on the purchased product, the full price list available here.

How often do I get paid?

You will receive your funds twice a month (billing cycle is from 1st till 14th and from 15th till the last day of month, payments are made within 2 working days after the end of each billing period).

How can I win a TOP Seller badge?

Easily, meet our criteria and be TOP Seller in just three months.

Who determines shipping policy? Can I set my own return policy?

You determine your own shipping and return policies and set their rates in the Seller Zone (Seller portal) based on our predefined standards (there is some flexibility). You can charge any shipping fees you want but it is highly recommended to keep shipping fees as low as possible or even free as the sale indicators show, this is one of the main reasons for customers to buy.

Who ships items sold through the PIAZZ?

You as a Seller ship products directly to customers and also manage return policy as you determine it. If you need help with it, we’re here to advise how to manage it in the best way.

Can I cancel and/or remove my offers at any time?

Yes, our great platform provides you a great order management and short refresh time and you can do it at any time. You have full power over offer content, inventory, shipping fees etc.

Can customers return products or have my products shipped to your stores?

At the moment, customers in our stores (Telekom centers and intermediary points) can not return or pick up products, ordered on PIAZZ. All products must be sent directly to the address provided by the customer. If customer wants to return the ordered product, it must be sent to Sellers address, written in the Return policy.

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