How to bring out the Seller in you on PIAZZ

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How to start

Your integration with Seller Zone could not be easier.
There are just four simple steps you need to follow to be able to go live on PIAZZ and begin selling to buyers across the world.

Please note: Any retailer who wishes to sell on the marketplace PIAZZ must be based in EU.

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1.Quick registration in just a few minutes!

Simply fill out registration form, after we contact you and send you link to your shop, you will need to provide us with supporting documents.

Documents you need to provide*:

  • legal representative required document (identity card - both sides)
  • article of Association of the company
  • certification of Incorporation
  • company’s bank account
  • shareholder declaration.

*That could vary - depends on which country the seller originates from. Documents must be provided in English.

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2. Create your product catalog

The creation of your product catalogs can be done manually, via your .csv Excel file or our Excel template, via APIs or by Integrator.

At the moment, you can sell in these categories:

  • Computers Computers
  • Furniture Furniture
  • Electronics Electronics
  • Home Home
  • Baby and kids Baby and kids
  • Garden Garden
  • Music instruments and dj equipment Music instruments and dj equipment
  • Travel & Fashion Accessories Travel & Fashion Accessories
  • Health & Beauty Health & Beauty
  • Sports & Recreation Sports & Recreation
  • Vehicle & Accessories Vehicle & Accessories
  • Pet Care Pet Care
  • Tools & DIY Tools & DIY

You will place products in one of our categories.
However there are a few exceptions and prohibited products.
See the list of prohibited products.

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3. Create offers and promotions for your product catalog

For every product in your catalog you need to define offer. This offer indicates your price, shipping charges and your stock. Even more, you can define promotions for selected products if you want.

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4. Manage orders and send the products

  • accept order,
  • prepare products,
  • send them to your customer via your preferred delivery service.

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5. Receive your payments TWICE a month

You will receive your funds twice a month (billing cycle is from 1st till 14th and from 15th till the last day of month, payments are made within 2 working days after the end of each billing period).

Free one-month subscription!

More about pricing

Order management

eCommerce users in Slovenia

There are few ways to manage orders on PIAZZ:

  • Download customised PIAZZ CVS, XML, XLSL templates from Seller Zone and import products and offers from a single file.
  • Import products with PIAZZ API.
  • Import products via FTP or HTTP.

Our Seller Zone portal is highly transparent and has the order management tool, which allows you to manage your orders in a quick and efficient way. It also allows you to view your account details, stock, orders, offers, current balance.

All instructions are available after the registration.

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Is an interface for you to process PIAZZ orders within your own system and is made to ease Marketplace daily operations. The main functionality will allow you to download PIAZZ orders into your own back office and then send order updates automatically back to PIAZZ.

API allows you to automate 5 main parts of your activity on the marketplace:

  • Shop management Shop management
  • Accounting management Accounting management
  • Message with buyers Message with buyers
  • Product, offer and stock management Product, offer and stock management
  • Orders management & Shipping info Orders management & Shipping info

In order to retrieve order information using the PIAZZ API, you will be required to build the code/script to request information for our published URLs and process the returned XML for your system. At registration you will get all instructions needed.

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At your Seller Portal you can easily customize your shipping grid:

  • by choosing the shipping method (standard, next day delivery ...),
  • by defining shipping cost for each shipping zone and each shipping method,
  • you can also define shipping lead time for the shipping method chosen.

The value of customer privacy is important for us so as a Seller you will get only necessary information for delivery.


Make buyer happy with fast shipping :)

Billing and payments


We aim to keep our fee structure simple and transparent, so this is all you’ll pay!

Monthly subscription

€ 39.90 + VAT
No payment fee!
No listing fee
early bird

Join us and impress your customers!

new kid in hood

Free one-month subscription!

*The detailed schedule of fees

The commission depends on the category of your product and its condition (new or refurbished). The detailed schedule of fees is
available here:

Category Commission


Consumer electronics

Large appliances

6 %

Video consoles

Electric mobility


Bikes and components

9 %

Accessories for computer and electronic equipment

Smart home electronics

11 %

Musical instruments and DJ equipment

Furniture (more than 200 eur)

Tools & DIY

Everything else

14 %

Seller commission = (selling price incl. VAT + Shipping costs) x comm. fee + VAT.
Refurbished Products - to which an extra 2% commission rate applies from the applicable commission rate for new.
Minimum commission per product = €0.90 + VAT.



Payment flow

The buyer orders the product and it is essential that you accept the order as soon as possible. At that time the buyer is
charged. It`s essential that your product feed is up-to-date, products are in stock and orders are shipped fast.

Payment methods

visa card
master card
maestro card

Fraud detection

We use best in class payment service provider, who provides a comprehensive fraud detection service. All orders are screened throught their comprehensive checklist of fraud indicators.

payment calendar


Payouts are made to you on a 2-week basis, processed at the beginning of every second working week. The order is payable when the product has been delivered or 21 days from the date you ship the order as we must allow the 21 days to expire before passing the payment to you.


Electronic invoices

Invoices are sent via e-mail so please ensure you provide an accurate accounts e-mail.